How to add favorite in Google chrome ?


Google Chrome bookmarks are links to websites that you visit frequently. By adding a website to your bookmark list, you can go to that site by simply clicking its name, instead of having to type its address. This is especially useful when you want to visit a page frequently which has a long url that cannot easily be remembered or typed. In this tutorial you will learn how to save bookmarks, edit bookmarks, create separate bookmark folders and show and hide the Google Chrome bookmark folder.

NOTE : Bookmark is also known as favorite in internet explorer

Saving Bookmarks or Favorites in Google Chrome

To save your favorite web site in the Google Chrome bookmark section, follow these steps.

Step 1: When you are on the web page you want to save, click on the mark in Google Chrome Address bar.


Now your favorite web site has been added in the Google Chrome bookmark section. This video tutorial also helps to you learn how to store favorites in Google Chrome web browser.

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